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Sending money to family or friends in Mexico can feel like a hassle. Finding a place to do it in person, paying fees - it all piles up. Luckily, INB offers a few ways to send money from Texas to Mexico, so now it’s easier and faster than ever!

Send an International Wire Transfer

Send money to Mexico quickly and securely with Inter National Bank's wire transfer services. The process is simple and convenient. Just call our wire transfer department at (956) 664-8401 to get started.

Common Information Needed for Sending a Wire Transfer:

  • Beneficiary’s name, account & address
  • Beneficiary’s bank name & address
  • Beneficiary’s bank SWIFT Number
  • Wire Purpose (placed in Message field) 

Send a Wire Transfer with Online Banking Wire Manger

Becoming an INB customer comes with its perks. When you open a business account with INB, and enroll for Business Online Banking, you can submit a wire transfer straight from your desktop or smartphone.

INB business customers can grant wire transfer access to their employees, assign dual control for approvals and set limitations on wire amount. 

International ATM Transactions

Inter National Bank customers are given surcharge-free access to Allpoint ATMs in the US, Mexico, Canada, and locations worldwide. That means that if you travel to Mexico, you can access your funds surcharge-free at any time from one of Allpoint's 55,000 ATMs.

You can locate an ATM from your INB mobile app or on our website