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On behalf of our owners, the Collins Family Trusts, and the nearly 500 employees of Vantage Bank Texas and Inter National Bank, we are pleased to announce our intentions to merge the two banks. There are many reasons why are pursuing this merger.  Our newly-formed bank will provide our customers with a broader array of products and services along with the latest in digital banking technology.  We will also deliver access to a broader network of branches and ATMs. Finally, we know that when talented and passionate people come together, customers win.

Please feel free to browse through the questions and answers listed below. Feel free to contact one of our bankers if you have further questions. We appreciate your business and look forward to updating you again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does filing an application to merge mean?


    Filing applications to merge means that Inter National Bank and Vantage Bank Texas are requesting that our bank regulators, the Texas Department of Banking and the Federal Reserve, allow us to legally become one entity.

  • When will the merger be effective?


    The merger should take place shortly after the parties obtain regulatory approval, which the banks hope will occur in the third quarter of 2018.  We will officially complete the operational conversion during the latter part of the fourth quarter of 2018.

  • Why are Inter National Bank and Vantage Bank Texas merging?


    The two banks have common owners, the Collins Family Trusts, and it has long been their owners’ intention to merge the banks at the appropriate time.  The Collins family has been committed to South Texas banking and serving the international community since 1985, when it was a founding investor of Inter National Bank.  The family’s 2008 investment in Vantage Bank Texas solidified that commitment and extended it to the San Antonio market.

    The merger will result in one bank that will provide expanded products and services to San Antonio, South and Central Texas as well as to El Paso and to our international clientele.  Expanded customer benefits include:

    • More banking locations and more convenience. The increased geographic footprint connects the communities Vantage Bank Texas serves with Inter National Bank’s existing footprint.
    • A larger lending limit to better serve the needs of our business communities.
    • An evolving footprint in the state of Texas beyond San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley.

    If the merger is approved, the combined bank will have approximately $1.5 billion in net loans outstanding, $1.9 billion in total assets, $1.6 billion in deposits, and capital levels that will support future growth.  There will be 24 full service branches spread across the footprint.

  • How will the merger affect me or my business in my everyday banking activities?


    The merger will have no impact on the way you go about your banking activities. You will continue to transact business at your legacy bank, just as you do today.

    Following are examples of activities that will remain the same after the merger:

    • You will continue to be assisted by the same friendly staff you have come to know and trust.
    • Our routing numbers will remain the same.
    • Your account number will remain the same.
    • You may continue to use your existing checkbooks and debit cards.
    • Your direct deposits and automatic payments will continue to occur as scheduled.
    • Please continue to visit the same banking locations that you have visited in the past.
    • Access to online banking and mobile banking will remain the same.
    • For customer service, you will continue to call the same numbers that you have dialed in the past. (Customer Service contact information.)

    In December, after the operational conversion, some of the above will change.  We will communicate those changes well in advance of the effective date in order to minimize any impact to our customers.

  • Will the rates and fees I am being charged change?


    Our expectation is that you will enjoy a broader and improved suite of products and services at competitive rates.  Should any change to our current fees be contemplated, a detailed notification will occur far in advance of any possible impact to our customers.

  • What changes can I expect to see right now?


    Other than an updated Privacy Notice, it is business as usual. You will receive an updated Privacy Notice by mail after the merger.

  • Will the merger impact my FDIC insurance coverage?


    FDIC coverage will not change unless you have accounts at both Inter National Bank and Vantage Bank Texas. 

    If a customer has deposits at both banking institutions, please print and have him/her read the document titled “IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR FDIC INSURANCE COVERAGE.”

    This document references the effective merger date. At this point in time we don’t have an exact date, however, as soon as it becomes available to us, you will receive the updated document with the applicable date. 

  • What changes can I expect to see over the coming months?


    There will be changes, but most will not occur until the operational conversion.  You have our commitment that we will communicate information about changes in a clear manner well in advance of their effective date.  As always, our bankers stand ready to answer any questions that you might have over the next several months.

  • Will the branch hours change?


    We have no immediate plans to change the hours of operation at any of our banking centers; however, if any changes should occur, our customers will be informed well in advance.

  • After the Merger date, will I be able to transact or access my account at any Inter National Bank or Vantage Bank Texas location?


    Not immediately. Until further notice, Inter National Bank and Vantage Bank Texas will operate as businesses that are independent of one another, even though they will legally become a single entity upon consummation of the merger. In December 2018, an operational conversion is planned that will allow the banks to operate as a single, integrated business.  Until then, customers will continue to transact business with their legacy bank.

  • After the Merger date, will I be able to use Vantage Bank Texas and Inter National Bank ATMs free of charge?


    Yes. INB and Vantage Bank Texas customers will enjoy the convenience of using the ATMs of either bank surcharge free. Should you choose to use a Vantage Bank Texas ATM with your INB Debit card or vice versa, you will not incur an ATM fee.

  • If I have accounts with Vantage Bank Texas and Inter National Bank, can they be combined?


    The accounts cannot be combined before December 2018. After December 2018, you can choose to combine them or they can remain separate at your discretion.

  • Will the name remain the same after the merger?


    Both Inter National Bank and Vantage Bank Texas will operate under their existing names until our operational conversion in December 2018, pending regulatory approvals.  At that time, the name of the combined organization will be Vantage Bank Texas.

  • Why did you choose the name Vantage Bank Texas and not Inter National Bank?


    Executives consider the Vantage Bank Texas name more broadly connects with the strategy to serve the communities, businesses and people of Texas, while better serving international clients through expanded products and markets. The merger will afford Vantage the opportunity to bring international products and services to clients outside its border communities.

  • Who will lead the combined bank?


    Sam Munafo, the President and CEO of Inter National Bank will assume the role of President and CEO of the combined bank at the time of the merger.  Guy Bodine, the Chairman, President and CEO of Vantage Bank Texas had previously announced his retirement but will stay with the Bank through the merger to assist with the transition.  Other leadership announcements are forthcoming.

  • Who will serve on the merged bank’s board of directors?


    The Board of Directors of the merged Bank will be comprised of members of the Collins Family along with business leaders selected from the markets we serve.